This page is for readers looking for items of the trapdoor period that relate to the guns or their associated accouterments. The restrictions should parallel those on the Classified Ads page. Send your want list to Al Frasca at: afrasca@erinet.com. It should be posted within 24 hours.

  1. 4/9/12
    Cadet Barreled Action (newer model 1884 or later) in excellent condition with no pitting and excellent rifling. Please contact Randy Ebbers at (510) 364-4675 or randy.ebbers@gilead.com

  2. 1/20/12
    A 22 inch barreled receiver in excellent condition either an original carbine or a cut-down, tapered and re-browned with front sight. Randy Ebbers (510) 364-4675, ebbers12@comcast.net

  3. 8/21/10
    Need a rear sight for the Springfield-Hotchkiss carbine. Would prefer a complete unit, but would certainly consider taking a loose base (which is graduated to 600 yds and stamped "HC"). Does NOT need to be "minty"; decent grayish metal, with no dents or pitting would be fine. Dick Hosmer - richardahosmer@comcast.net

  4. 1/24/10
    Saber bayonet for the Springfield Model 1870 Navy Remington rifle, so called 1st type with a curved yataghan blade. Ed Hull (562)594-4358 or edatbeach@adelphia.net

  5. 1/5/10
    I recently purchased a Frankford Arsenal Decapping and Cleaning kit. Everything was there, but the brass "US" wiper rod. curtis.j.quickel@us.army.mil

  6. 6/11/07
    4 Forager shells dated 10-84, "F" marked, either new, unfired or fired, but re-primed

    For Trade:
    1 unprimed "F" marked 9-00, copper, fired
    1 primed "F" marked 9-00, new-unfired, copper
    1 primed "F" marked 4-99, new-unfired, nickel
    1 primed "F" marked 11-97, new-unfired, nickel

    Contact William Hansen at WmofGlenCrest@att.net

  7. 12-23-06 WANTED - Sling for a 1895 Winchester Lee 6mm Navy rifle. Believe the slings for the Winchester M1895 lever muskets may be the same. ray02@charter.net Click here to see what the sling looks like. http://www.rifleslings.com/Lee%20Navy%20Sling.htm

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