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1865-1893 Indian Wars and Sp-Am Arms

PLEASE NOTE: All firearms on this site were manufactured before 1898, and are sold as antiques and as collectables. The seller offers no guarantees, warranties, or representations regarding the fitness for use or their ability to function as a firearm. The seller does not accept responsibility or liability for accident, injury, or damage resulting to any person or property from the use or storage of any firearm purchased.

DateCollectable Description & PhotographsContactPrice
8-26/20 M84 Rifle, SN465012. (details)Al$1450
8-7/20 M84 Rifle, SN323245. (details)AlSold
7/13/20 M73 Rifle, SN111064, ESA/1879. (details)Al$1750
7/12/20 M73 Rifle, SN121704, SWP/1879. (details)Al$1075
7/12/20 M73 Rifle, SN103112, ESA/1878. (details)Al$1075
7/9/20 M80 Triangular Rod Bayonet Rifle, SN156749. (details)Al$2675
4/30/20 M77 Starred Carbine, SN188535*. (details)AlSold
4/26/20 M73 Rifle, SN50147. (details)Al$1095
1/13/20 M84 Type I Cadet Rifle, SN494525. (details)Al$1250
3/8/20 M84 Rifle, SN404298. (details)AlSold
3/7/20 M70 Type II Rifle, SN870. (details)Al$1850
2/24/20 M84 Carbine, SN411435. (details)Al$1295
3/13/20 M84 Carbine, SN450436. (details)AlSold
3/8/20 M84 Rifle, SN471272. (details)AlSold
6/6/20 M77 Rifle, SN78340. (details)AlSold
5/19/20 M77 Rifle, SN76684. (details)AlSold
5/19/20 Metcalfe Rifle, SN64299. (details)AlSold
5/12/20 M69 Cadet Rifle, SN2449. (details)AlSold
5/12/20 M73 Rifle, SN61740. (details)AlSold
2/28/20 M77 Carbine, SN141521. (details)AlSold
2/28/20 M84 Carbine, SN452539. (details)AlSold
2/25/20 M84 Rifle, SN337694. (details)AlSold
5/1/20 M73 Rifle, SN18545. (details)AlSold
4/20/20 M77 Carbine, SN76957. (details)AlSold
4/2/20 M84 Carbine, SN379933. (details)AlSold
3/21/20 M84 Rifle, SN365992. (details)AlSold
3/13/20 M68 Rifle, SN31094. (details)AlSold
2/18/20 M84 Rifle, SN300903. (details)AlSold
2/18/20 M73 Rifle, SN257794. (details)AlSold
2/7/20 M84 Rifle, SN364686. (details)AlSold
1/13/20 M77 Starred Carbine, SN181006*. (details)AlSold
11/2/19 M84 Carbine, SN412940. (details)AlSold
2/8/20 M84 Rifle, SN475372. (details)AlSold
1/13/20 M84 Carbine, SN411809. (details)AlSold
12/10/19 M77/M84 Carbine, SN182229*. (details)AlSold
12/10/19 M84 Carbine, SN356474. (details)AlSold
4/26/04M73 Rifle, Cal.45 SN44402 (details)AlSTOLEN
4/1/04M84 Carbine, Cal.45, SN452417 (details)AlSTOLEN
2/29/04M88 RIFLE, SN130743, Cal.45 (details)AlSTOLEN
2/6/04M84 CADET RIFLE, SN480021, Cal.45 (details)AlSTOLEN
2/6/04M84 EXP. ROUND ROD BAYT. RIFLE, SN320332, Cal.45 (details)AlSTOLEN
1/15/04 M65 SPENCER CARBINE, SN32857. (details)DaveSTOLEN
2/17/02M73 RIFLE, SN175296, Cal.45 (details) AlSTOLEN
8/5/03M84 RIFLE, SN372766, Cal.45 (details)AlSTOLEN
5/24/03M84 RIFLE, SN464545, Cal.45 (details)AlSTOLEN
5/25/03M88 RIFLE, SN519036. Cal.45 (details)AlSTOLEN
2/25/03M88 RIFLE, SN529477, Cal.45 (details)AlSTOLEN

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