Bayonets and Edged Weapons

DateCollectable Description & PhotographsContactPrice
7-17-19 Trapdoor Bayonets & Scabbards (details) Al$220
6-8-19 Entrenching Tool and Scabbard(details) AlSold
12-9-18 Trapdoor Cadet Bayonets (details) Al$130
3-26-19 1880 Hunting Knife and Scabbard(details) Al$525
12-9-18 Trapdoor Bayonets (details) AlSold
12-9-18 Trapdoor Fencing Bayonets (details) Al$175
12-9-18 Trapdoor Bayonets & Scabbards (details) Al$210
3-5-17 Iron Hilt M80 Hunting Knife and Varney Scabbard(details) AlSold
1-16-17 M80 Hunting Knife and Scabbard(details) AlSold
1-16-17 Entrenching Tool and Scabbard(details) AlSold
4/10/04 Trowel Bayonet and Scabbard(details) AlSTOLEN
4/10/04 Krag Cadet Scabbards (details) AlSTOLEN
1/15/04 3 Krag Bayonets (details) AlSTOLEN
10/17/03Model 1868 Trowel Bayonet and Scabbard (details) AlSTOLEN
5/25/03 Long Loop Hoffman Scabbard (details) AlSTOLEN
5/7/03 Bayonet & Hoffman Scabbard (details) AlSTOLEN
3/18/03 Iron Hilt M80 Knife & Varney Scabbard (details) AlSTOLEN
3/4/03 M1890 Hunting Knife & Correct Scabbard (details)AlSTOLEN
3/4/03 Two .45-70 Cadet Bayonets and Cadet Scabbards (details) AlSTOLEN

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