U.S. Uniforms

If you have a Spanish American War or Indian War uniform photograph you would like to share with other viewers, please send a sharp print, negative or e-mail a JPG image so I can insert it on this page. Also, send as much information as you have about the picture. Doug McChristian's critique of the uniform will be posted on this page. For details, email me at afrasca@erinet.com

Doug McChristian's critique: This officer is something of a puzzle. His nondescript outfit could date from the Civil War to the Spanish-American. But, the cabinet-style image suggests to me that it dates to the '80s or even '90s. He appears to be a major or lieutenant colonel of the general staff. The sword indicates he is a medical officer. Photograph from Bill Chachula.

Great shot of heavy winter coats. Doug McChristian's critique: This is an unusual photo of soldiers wearing overcoats c.1890 or later. The man on the right appears to have artillery insignia on his cap; I'm not certain about the other one. His insignia appears to be different, though it may just be indistinct in the photo. Photograph from Bill Chachula.

An image probably from the 1870s, perhaps the early '80s. Doug McChristian's critique: The absence of any cap insignia suggests to me that it may date prior to 1875, although what appears to be piping on the man's shirt collar may indicate that he is wearing the 1881 pattern blue shirt. I don't see anything else diagnostic. Interestingly, his overcoat (or a studio prop) lies on a stand at his right. It is obviously an early sky-blue coat, but not enough of it shows to determine the exact type. Photograph from Bill Chachula.

A late 1880s or 1890s artilleryman. Photograph from Bill Chachula.

A late 1880s or 1890s musician attired in a somewhat informal manner. He has a kepi rather than a helmet. Doug McChristian's critique: Light artillery trumpeter c.late 1880s - early '90s. As was common for off-duty wear, especially for studio poses, he wears his forage cap with the dress coat. He also has the helmet cord arranged in a non-regulation manner, probably for the camera. (Note to collectors: The U. S. Army never applied the French term "kepi" to its headgear. The correct American term is FORAGE CAP. Sort of like "trapdoor" Springfields. The army never knew them by that term. This is modern collector jargon. Just voicing a couple of my pet peeves!) Photograph from Bill Chachula.

Doug McChristian's critique: This a photo of a cavalry musician dating to the late 1880s - 1890s. I see nothing unusual about the uniform and my opinion is that the soldier is a regular. If one could discern whether there is a silver number, or a lyre, on the helmet plate, would identify him either as a trumpeter or a member of the band. Photograph from Bill Chachula and digitized by Joe Poyer.

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