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UpdatedParts, Description & PhotographsSeller Status
5/16/16.58Cal. First Allin Breech Parts EdAvailable
1/24/20 Firing Pins & Firing Pin Screws EdAvailable
8/2/21 Hammers & Hammer ScrewsAlAvailable
12/16/21Breech Blocks, Receivers & Parts AlAvailable
1/28/22Barreled Actions AlAvailable
9/18/21Trapdoor Oddities AlAvailable
11/18/21Trigger Assemblies AlAvailable
11/28/22Butts, Bands, Bars, & Beyond!!! AlAvailable
1/6/11M66 Breech Parts EdAvailable
1/28/22Cleaning Rods AlAvailable
11/15/21M88 Rifle Tool Sets AlSold
1/28/22 Locks & Lock Parts AlAvailable
1/28/22 Stocks, and more AlAvailable
2/22/21Rifle & Carbine Pistol Grips AlSold
1/28/22Sights and Sight Parts EdAvailable
8/1/21Front Sight Covers AlAvailable

For site visitors needing other pre-1900 U.S. Springfield parts, CW musket/carbine parts, or post CW Spencer, Sharps or Remington parts, Contact Ed Knisely (York, PA) at 717-741-2556 or e-mail him at:


UpdatedTool Description & PhotographsContact Status
2/7/12 Trapdoor Punches (details)Al$5
3/11/20 M66, M70 Exp., M76 & M79 Tools + Type I & Type II Shell Extractors (details)AlResupplied


MODEL 1873 RIFLE S/N 499776

  1. Full length rifle stock. It is very solid and serviceable. It has a medium color and was refinished. There is a trace of inspector marks and it has a few dent but it looks good. $175.
  2. Full length barrel with receiver #499776. Smooth dark blue black finish. The bore is frosty with scattered light pitting. $95.
  3. Tang, dark smooth patina. $18.
  4. Butt plate with dark patina and light pitting. Good US marking. $32.
  5. Trigger guard with smooth trigger, swivel missing. In average dark patina. $44.
  6. Complete lock. The plate has dark smooth brown black finish. The hammer has the same finish with light wear. It has good markings and is mechanically excellent. $135.
  7. Buffington rear sight with some light scattered pitting. It is okay mechanically. $75.
  8. Lower Buffington band with large U. Mostly smooth dark black finish. It has a few small rim nicks. $17.
  9. Upper band, large U and two swivels. Dark smooth finish. $26.
  10. Breech block assembly is complete with cam and great firing pin. Deep marked US MODEL 1884. Dark smooth finish with traces of case color. It works great. $59.
  11. Hinge pin in fine condition. 15.
  12. Extractor with very little wear. $22
  13. Nose cap, smooth black finish. $10.
  14. Band springs average condition. $9.00 each.
  15. Cleaning rod, 1884 last model in very good condition with black finish. $90.
Contact Ed Knisely at 717-741-2556 or email him at

Model 1884 CADET RIFLE

  1. Dark solid cadet stock. Inspected 1890, with 2 circle P's. It has not been sanded. Overall fine cadet stock. $235.
  2. Full length cadet barrel only not in receiver. Smooth very light to medium gray patina with a large V/P & Eagle. Very fine clean bright bore with deep rifling. $165.
  3. Tang, fine condition with light patina. $20.
  4. Butt plate with a mix of steel gray and smooth brown patina. It is a first model 1873 plate with the rib. It has 2 shallow dents above the screw hole and one below near the toe. It has a very good US. $37.
  5. Trigger guard, with serrated trigger, missing the swivel. Dark patina with some rust scaling. $37.
  6. Lock complete with hammer and mechanically excellent. Mostly original blue finish with some light scattered staining. Nice markings. $155.
  7. 1873 first model rear sight with thinning black brown patina. It is in excellent mechanical working condition. $39.
  8. Cadet Upper band with stacking swivel. Gray brown silvery finish. It has a good U with small rim nicks. $13.
  9. Lower band with large U. It has smooth medium patina overall. It has small rim nicks $29.
  10. Breech block assembly complete with cam assembly and a fine firing pin. Deep marked US MODEL 1873 with a smooth medium black finish. It has a few small areas of light pitting. It is mechanically excellent. $48.
  11. Hinge pin in average condition. $13.
  12. Band springs with dark patina. $10 each.
  13. Extractor, excellent condition. $26.
  14. Nose cap with brown patina. $7.
  15. Model 1873-1884 high quality aged reproduction cleaning rod. $53.
Contact Ed Knisely at 717-741-2556 or email him at

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