Marksman Rifles

Marksman Rifles

Fall 2013

NRA Very Good = $35,000
NRA Excellent = $60,000

Only nine Marksman rifles were produced as prizes for the Army marksmanship program. However, the winners preferred medals rather than rifles, so the Marksman rifle was discontinued after the first group of nine were awarded.

The arm is heavily engraved and features a peep sight and hooded/ bubbled front sight. The rear barrel sight is stamped, "M.R." to denote it as a marksman calibrated rear sight. The rifle is the only trapdoor rifle that Springfield made with an integral pistol grip in the burl walnut stock. The silver plate at the base of the pistol grip was to be engraved with the name of the winner.

Today these arms are very hard to find. Most reside in museums or old collections. Because of their rarity, they are quite valuable.

For additional photographs, descriptions and specifications see:
The .45-70 Springfield-Book I or The .45-70 Springfield-Book II-1865-1893.

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