Model 1880 Triangular Rod Bayonet Rifles

Model 1880 Triangular Rod Bayonet Rifles

Fall 2013

Model 1880
NRA Very Good = $2,800
NRA Excellent = $4,500

Model 1880 Triangular Rod Bayonet Rifle

Soon after the introduction of Model 1873 rifles, Springfield started reworking CW bayonets and using them on new rifles. By 1880, the supply was dwindling and the Armory did not want to retool to make an obsolete item. Experimentation with a new bayonet system seemed a far more reasonable idea.

The Model 1880 triangular rod bayonet rifle was Springfield's first attempt at producing a trapdoor rifle with a combination cleaning rod and bayonet. The rod retaining mechanism was a problem from the start, and it did not work reliably until the "key" was added to the locking spring. The addition of the massive front mount also altered the ballistics of the arm and the front sight had to be modified. Over 1,000 guns were produced and issued for trial.

After the arms were issued for trial, the reports from post commanders were not that encouraging and the arms were returned and stored. It is thought that at some later time, most of the trial guns were disassembled and the parts sold. However, a number of the rifles have survived, possibly only the unissued ones which were kept in storage and later sold as complete arms.

For additional photographs, descriptions and specifications see:
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