Model 1875 Officer's Rifle

Model 1875 Officer's Rifle

Fall 2013
Model 1875
NRA Very Good: Type I, II, $22,000; Type III, $22,000
NRA Excellent: Type I, II, $30,000; Type III, $25,000.

Model 1875 Rifle

The following description is taken from the flyer that Springfield Armory distributed in 1875 in order to advertise the Officers Rifle:
The weight of the rifle is about 8 pounds, varying with the density of wood used in the stock. The length of the barrel is 26 inches. The stock is checkered "fore and aft" the breech, and tipped with white metal. The rifle has a plain "buckhorn" sight on the barrel, graduated like the service sight, and also peep and globe sights. The globe sight can be folded down on the barrel, then its pin becomes an open front sight, to be used with the buckhorn sight. The peep has a lateral as well as vertical motion, and by turning the screw and loosening, it may be adjusted to counteract any deviation to the right or left. When at the bottom of the slide, the peep is adjusted for a range of 50 yards; when at the top, it is adjusted for a range a little less than 700 yards. The peep sight may be folded down on the barrel either forward or backward. In the former position, the peep should be pushed to the bottom of the slide, or the hammer, in being cocked, will strike it.

The globe sight is distant from the buckhorn and peep sights 20.8 inches and 32.75 inches respectively. The rifle has a "single set" trigger. When set, it is a hair trigger; when unset, it is the ordinary service trigger, requiring a pull of about four pounds. The trigger should be set by pushing it forward with the thumb, after cocking the hammer - never before. A "fly" in the tumbler carries the sear over the half-cock notch when the trigger is set.

The ramrod is wood, both ends being ferruled with brass, nickel-plated. The ferrule on the smaller end has a slot for the admission of a wiping-rag; that on the larger end has a milled head for convenience in drawing out the rod. A small pin in the underside of the barrel entering a hole in the rod just below this milled head, prevents the rod from slipping out of place. The breech block, receiver, hammer, band, and heel of the butt plate are all plainly engraved. The cost of the rifle is $36.00. The description and dimensions of the parts of the rifle, other than those above mentioned, are the same as the corresponding parts of the Springfield rifle, caliber .45".

For additional photographs, descriptions and specifications see:
The .45-70 Springfield-Book I or The .45-70 Springfield-Book II-1865-1893.

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