Cadet Model 1869

Cadet Model 1869 Rifles

Fall 2013
Model 1869
Cadet Rifle
NRA Very Good =$1,000
NRA Excellent= $1,750

Cadet Model 1869 Rifle

Overall Length48.8"
Barrel Length (in bore)29.6"
Cleaning Rod Length32 9/16",no cannelures
Muzzle Diameter.746"
Rifling3 Lands and Grooves
Caliber.50 CF .50-55-450 Cartridge
Barrel Bands2 clamp type,15 5/8" apart
Cartouches 1 Oval ESA
Breech Block 1870/Eagle/Arrows/U.S.
Firing ProofBoxed Script L
Lock PlateDated 1862-1864
V/P/Eagle/p stampNone
Serial NumberOn Barrel and Receiver
Rear SightM68, Deep V
Front Sight1 1/4" from muzzle, 5/16" long

The Model 1869 Cadet rifle is a shortened version of the model 1868 rifle. The cadet length barrel is three inches shorter than the rifle (29.6"), and the butt plate width is narrower. Careful examination of the stock thickness around the barrel shows it to be considerably thinner than that of the rifle.

Most of the 3,400 cadet rifles produced were made between April and September 1871. However, 310 were produced in the first quarter of 1870. The rifles have 1868 receivers and breech blocks. They feature only one cartouche because they were produced using new stocks.

At present, it has not been confirmed that a Model 1869 Cadet rifle Type II exists. Research findings on this subject will be presented in the Trapdoor Springfield Newsletter as the work progresses.

For additional photographs, descriptions and specifications see:
The 45-70 Springfield Book II 1865-1893.

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