Long Range Rifle, SN162403, is equipped with a Bull rear sight made from a Type 6, M79 rear sight. As can be seen, there are three initials (H/G/R) on the barrel between the receiver and the rear sight. On the Hotchkiss stock is an SWP/1881 cartouche. The rifle has six lands and grooves and a 19 5/8"twist. The Kelton serrated trigger is shown, along with one of the first style detachable pistol grips that Springfield made for Colonel Kelton. Note that it is nearly identical to the metal ones they produced in large quantity. The rifle is owned by Tom Trevor and it was photographed by Don Harpold. The rifle was found in a pawn shop in Oregon a long time ago. There is more information on Long Range Rifles, their wood and metal pistol grips and Colonel Kelton in Book I, Book II and the Newsletter.