SN110675, One of the First Five Long Range Rifles Used in the 1879 Creedmoor Matches

Issued by Capt. H.G. Litchfield to Sergeant Dennis Geary in August 1879

This six grooved caliber .45-80 long range rifle (SN110675) is reported in Frank Mallory's serial number records as one of the five rifles used at Creedmoor during the 1879 matches (See Book II page 222).These guns were equipped with Hotchkiss style butt stocks, wood pistol grips and Freeman F. Bull's special rear sights. It is one of 33 LRRs made in 1879. The gun was shipped from the National Armory to Captain H.G. Litchfield, Instructor of Rifle Practice, on July 30, 1879, immediately returned for alteration, and on August 13, 1879, was ready for the upcoming Creedmoor National Rifle Matches. Captain Litchfield issued SN110675 to the commanding officer of Battery "D," 1st. Artillery, specifically for Sergeant Dennis Geary, a member of the Division of the Atlantic Team in 1879.

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