Bakeitzogie (The Yellow Coyote), called "Dutchy"

Bakeitzogie (The Yellow Coyote), called "Dutchy", a scout for US Army Captain Emmet Crawford. He is wearing moccosins and has a "prairie" belt and a Mills belt loaded with .45 caliber carbine ammunition. From Dusan Farrinton's assessment of the belt, he believes it to be a modified Mills belt with leather closing billet and buckle affixed to the plain ends beyond the cartridge loops. On the official "prairie belt" the buckle is a full frame, almost square buckle, attached by its left edge to the left end of the belt. The buckle in the picture is only a "half frame" and attached to the right side of the belt. Two of the rivets are used to attach the added leather closing billet of the belt to the outside of the woven fabric of the belt on the left side. Dusan mentioned that it is common to find a variety of trooper modified Mills belts. The Mills belt (lower one) has the cast US buckle. Dutchy also has a Trapdoor Springfield Carbine with M79 rear sights. The carbine seems to have the correct front sight so I would expect the gun to be a true carbine. Above the photo is written, "Scene of the Oatman Massacre.". Now it is pretty clear the title is not for this photo, but for the info partially shown on the right side of the image. Below the photo is hand written, "Dutchy - The friendly Apache Scout who killed the murderer of Captain Emmet Crawford, 3rd US Cav., USA." Using the Army War College web site, I found that during the CW, Emmet Crawford was a 1st Lt. Co. A 13th Regt. US Colored Troops, Hvy Arty. Using the Arlington National Cemetery site supplied by Tom Trevor, the details of Crawford's hunt for Geronimo and his untimely death in January 1886, were obtained.

A photo of Captain Crawford was located by Tom Trevor and Don Harpold and a Frederick Remington drawing of Crawford's death was located in the U.S. Army Military History Institute. Images of Capt. Crawford

The "Dutchy" photo was sent to me by Roy Marcot, who located the image on the National Archives web site. According to the NA site, the image is in "Photographs of American Indians and Other Subjects 1840s-...." The culture mentioned is Apache Chiriccahua. Co-Creator - James E. Taylor. Cite as SPC BAE 4605 01600511, Smithsonian Inst. Nat. Anthropologial Archives.

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