Model 1884 Round Rod Bayonet Rifle SN 320332

Model 1884 Round Rod Bayonet Rifle

MODEL 1884 ROUND ROD BAYONET RIFLE SN 320332 (one of a thousand). This rifle is one of the hardest experimental trapdoors to find!!! Evidently many were modified into M88s toward the end of production in the early 1890s and the others that were heavily used were called back and scrapped by Springfield. This rifle's serial number is within a few digits of arms shipped to the 18th Infantry, 14th Infantry, and 2nd Artillary. These arms were made with a thin ramrod grove which easily chipped. Combining the rarity of the gun with their being prone to rod grove damage, these guns are rarely found, but when found, they usually have had their stock's heavily sanded. This rifle was found in Pennsylvania at a garage sale a while back and has not been well cared for, but has not been sanded nor has it had its metal parts buffed. The metal parts fit well into the stock and there is only one chip out of the rod channel The rear sight is correct for the gun. It has the small locking knob, small head on the windage knob and there is no "R" on the sight. The sight that was thought to be correct, with the rack and pinion, was discontinued several months before these rifles were produced. This rifle has an 1886 cartouche which means it is one of the last 509 produced in January 1886. The bore on the gun is excellent and very bright. This is one very hard rifle to find!!!! $8750+ S/H. Contact Al Frasca at 937-399-5002 or email him at

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