M85, and M87 Carbine Boots

M85,and M87 Carbine Boots

(Top Photo)SoldTHE M85 CARBINE BOOT was the first style boot made for the cavalry. It has the lower strap off the bottom and the hanger strap at the rear. This boot is in excellent coldition and is stamped ROCK ISLAND/ARSENAL. The hanger strap is marked with the the company code and all three straps are complete and have inspector stamps. However, the one strap has been repaired. (See second pohoto) $150 + S/H
(Bottom Photo)SoldTHE M87 CARBINE BOOT has the last modification made to the carbine boots used during the trapdoor period. It has the brass spreader at the mouth of the boot and the expanded region for the Buffington sight. This boot has not been used and is in excellent condition.It also has stamped ROCK ISLAND/ARSENAL and the straps have the armory ispection stamps. $295 + S/H
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