Leather Goods

DateCollectable Description & PhotographsContactPrice
1-25/19 Nine 45/50 Cal Rifle Slings(details) Aleach
9/20/18 Pattern 1885 Carbine Sling and Swivel(details) AlSold
9/20/18 M1884, M1887 Carbine Boots and Carbine Socket(details) AlAll Sold
9/20/18 Early McKeever Box(details) Al$150
7/20/18 Dyer Pouch(details) AlSold
7/20/18 Dyer Pouch(details) AlSold
3/27/18 Early McKeever Box(details) AlSold
7/23/17 M1887 Carbine Boot(details) AlSold
7/23/17 M1885 Carbine Boot(details) AlSold
7/23/17 Dyer Pouch(details) AlSold
5/30/17 Two McKeever Boxes(details) AlSold
12/20/03 Indian War Carbine Sling (details) AlSTOLEN

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