Model 1890 Hunting Knife or Entrenching Tool

3/4/03 M1890 HUNTING KNIFE AND CORRECT SCABBARD. This is one of the 500 Model 1890 Entrenching Tools (Hunting Knives) that were made. The knife is stamped SPRINGFIELD/ARMORY on one side and U.S./1892 on the other. This knife does not appear to have much, if any, blade removal from sharpening. The scabbard is the correct one as outlined in Cole's book. The Harden book does not make it clear which scabbard goes with which knife. The brass hook is stamped R.I.A. and has the unit designation E/13/44. This is a hard knife to find in any condition. There is no question this knife was used!! A rare collectable, $1395 + S/H. Contact Al at 937-399-5002 or email him at
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