Iron Hilt M80 Hunting Knife & Varney Scabbard

  1. A Model 1880 Iron Guard Hunting Knife.....1002 of these knifes were made with the Iron guard and most surviving specimens are not in this high grade condition. The equally rare Varney scabbard is in remarkable shape with strong Watervliet markings and even a piece of the original hold down strap present. This knife has a wonderful "SWP 1881" cartouche on the handle and the slightly sharpened blade is in much better condition than you usually find. This specimen would fit very well with the Model 1880 Mills Belt and Watervliet 2 piece plate. This is a great example of a blade and scabbard that you seldom see for sale anywhere. The serial # is 580. Priced at $3495 + S/H. Contact Al at 937-399-5002 or email him at
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