Anson Mills 1880 Experimwental Belt

This experiment belt by Anson Mills was patented in December 1880. The brass patent tag is under the 45 caliber pistol cartridge loops. The belt appears unused since none of the holes for the buckle appear elongated. This is a very very rare belt. It is to be worn UNDER the Prairie belt so the trooper had access to pistol and carbine/rifle catridges. The belt is marked ROCK ISLAND/ARSENAL. The leather bar is for the pistol holster, the "D" ring is for the experimental scabbard or hunting knife. The the other "D" ring with the hook is for the saber hanger. The pistol cartridge assembly is laced onto the belt with several sets of grommets so the trooper could move the assembly to the most convenient location on the belt. I have only seen two or three of these belts in my lifetime, so the belt is rare.

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