Trapdoor Barreled Actions

Trapdoor Barrel Actions

Three M73 Barreled Actions

These rifles have serial numbers close together and in the Metcalfe range. They all have the small V/P/Eagle and are missing the last P, which is correct for the serial number range. They all have solid front sights and one has an M73 rifle sight retained with Armory slotless screws. Some of these serial numbers are close to guns turned-in by the 5th Infantry in 1878.
TOP: Sold SN64862 - The exterior has a light patina and the bore has deep rifling, but it will need some cleaning. $125 + S/H
MIDDLE: Sold SN61179 - The exterior needs some cleaning, and the rear sight is correct and appears to be the original. The bore is very nice with shiny rifling and no pitting. A very good shooter. $125 + S/H
BOTTOM: Sold SN63714 - The exterior has blue and the receiver is marked MASS on the top. The bore is shootable with deep rifling, but it has some chatter. $100 + S/H

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Two More Early Narrow Receiver Barreled Actions SN93850 & SN89510.

TOP:Sold SN89510 Narrow Receiver Action with a pristine new bore!!! The exterior of the action is dark with some spots of corrosion, mostly under the stock.. $150 + S/H
BOTTOM: Sold SN93850 Rifle barreled action with a Type II M77 sight mounted with armory screws. The bore is very shootable but the exterior is uniformly pitted. $100 + S/H

Contact Al Frasca at 937-399-5002 or e-mail him at:

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