Trapdoor Barreled Actions

Trapdoor Barrel Actions

45-70 Barrel Action

Four barreled actions are available.
FIRST: SN285145 M79 Rifle barreled action with an excellent bore and blue/gray exterior. It also has an M79 rifle sight mounted with slotless screws from the armory. $250 + S/H
SECOND:Sold SN156851 M79 Rifle barreled action with an M79 mounted sight with armory screws. Bore is excellent but the exterior needs to be cleaned. $175 + S/H
THIRD:Sold SN522554 M88 Rifle barreled action with a very shootable bore. $100 + S/H
FOURTH: Sold SN445462 Rifle barrel that has had its breech torched. Rifling is pristine new, but the damaged breech makes it a "wall hanger". $75 + S/H

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