M66 Franco-Prussian Rifle,

M66 Franco-Prussian, Rifle

This M66 rifle was made as part of the order to equip the French Government with arms to fight Germany in 1870. Springfield used all the available M66 rifles and refurbished them. However, toward the end of the production, Springfield was running out of M66 parts. This rifle used a musket stock from a gun in the Arsenal and modified it to utilize the M66 extractor system. Evidently it never was shipped to France. The gun appears unused and the metal, rifling and color case are close to new. The bore is like new, being shiny with with excellent rifling. The lower two cartouches are from when it was on a musket. The top cartouche was added after it was modified for the M66 extractor system. The two letters beyond the trigger plate are the musket stock inspector initials. $1425 + S/H

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