Model 1873 Cadet Rifle Produced in 1876

Model 1873 Cadet Rifle Procued in 1876

This M69 Cadet Rifle is a 50 Caliber Springfield rifle. It was produced in 1871 for military cadet use. In 1881 this one and many others were returned to Springfield and refurbished. The refurbished ones will have SWP/1881 cartouches and possibly the original ESA cartouche on the stock. This rifle is stamped with the original ESA and has the SWP/1881 cartouche. The stock is also stamped with the circled P firing proof. I cannot see the boxed L firing proof put on the stock in 1871. The bore in the rifle is pristine, very shiny with sharp rifling. The stock was cracked and glued and screwed back together. The stock and metal finish on the gun are very nice.

$895 + S/H

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